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Roadmap for Recovery: Economic Development Prospects of the Occupied Palestinian Territory through Addressing Obstacles to Trade and Development
martes, 19 de julio
15:00-16:30, KICC TSAVO 3 room



Ministerial round table: Road map for recovery: Economic development prospects of the Occupied Palestinian Territory through addressing obstacles to trade and developmenthttp://unctad14.org/Documents/tdinf55_en.pdfMinisterial round table: Road map for recovery: Economic development prospects of the Occupied Palestinian Territory through addressing obstacles to trade and development2016-09-02T00:00:00.0000000ZTD/INF.55GP0|#8ddcf001-6559-4806-aed7-ecbe7eb26d9b;L0|#08ddcf001-6559-4806-aed7-ecbe7eb26d9b|Conference Document;GTSet|#60bbd025-61a4-47d0-918b-4c2a51f9bd7aGP0|#493b14a8-b938-4ca5-9e40-302650b335af;L0|#0493b14a8-b938-4ca5-9e40-302650b335af|English;GTSet|#97fc69a2-c2a5-49bc-89dc-ef067f469a79
Roadmap for Recovery: Economic Development Prospects of the Occupied Palestinian Territory through Addressing Obstacles to Trade and Developmenthttp://unctad14.org/Documents/U14gds_appu_d01_Overview_en.pdfRoadmap for Recovery: Economic Development Prospects of the Occupied Palestinian Territory through Addressing Obstacles to Trade and Development2016-07-13T00:00:00.0000000ZGP0|#d6678fa0-ceda-4103-be9a-fc18c51e7c20;L0|#0d6678fa0-ceda-4103-be9a-fc18c51e7c20|Event Document;GTSet|#60bbd025-61a4-47d0-918b-4c2a51f9bd7aGP0|#493b14a8-b938-4ca5-9e40-302650b335af;L0|#0493b14a8-b938-4ca5-9e40-302650b335af|English;GTSet|#97fc69a2-c2a5-49bc-89dc-ef067f469a79

Arena Maria

Maria Arena

Member of the European Parliament

​Ms. Maria Arena is a Member of the European Parliament, of the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament(S&D), she is from Belgium where she held several ministerial and parliamentarian positions. Today, within the European Parliament, Ms. Arena is member of the Committee on International Trade (INTA) which deals with economic and trade relations between the EU and third countries. In the INTA committee, she is responsible for the region of Israel and Palestine and also an alternate member of the Committee on Employment and social affairs and coordinator of the Committee on Women's rights and gender Equality.

Borglin Jonas

Jonas Borglin

International Council of Swedish Industry (NIR)Sweden

​Jonas Borglin is the CEO of NIR since October 2013. Mr. Borglin’s background is within marketing, consulting and business development within both Nordics, EMEA and Asia/Australia. He has previously held various positions at American Express and has successfully developed a global consultancy service within the company. As a leader, Mr. Borglin is curious to find improvements and growth opportunities within businesses and partners as well as within individuals and takes pride in motivating his surrounding to perform better. Mr. Borglin dedicated one year for his passion for photography and visual communication.

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Khalidi Raja

Raja Khalidi

Research Coordinator
Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS)

Mr. Raja Khalidi is currently Research Coordinator at the Palestine Economic Policy Research Institute (MAS). Previously he was a staff member of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) from 1985 to 2013. During this period He served as Coordinator of its Programme of Assistance to the Palestinian people, Head of its Debt and Development Finance Branch and Chief of the Office of the Director or the Division of Globalization and Development Strategies. He was trained as a development economist, with a B.A. (Hons) from Oxford University and M.Sc. from University of London (SOAS). He has conducted research and published and lectured widely on Palestinian economic conditions in Lebanon, in the Arab region in Israel and in the occupied territories.

Kozul-Wright Richard

Richard Kozul-Wright


​Mr. Richard Kozul-Wright is the Director of the Globalization and Development Strategies Division in UNCTAD. He has worked at the United Nations in both New York and Geneva. He holds a Ph.D in economics from the University of Cambridge UK and has published widely on economic issues including, inter alia, in the Economic Journal, the Cambridge Journal of Economics, The Journal of Development Studies, and the Oxford Review of Economic Policy. His latest book is the Resistible Rise of Market Fundamentalism (with Paul Rayment) and he has also edited volumes on Transnational Corporations and the Global Economy, Economic Insecurity and Development, Securing Peace, Climate Protection and Development, and Industrial Policy.

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Kubursi Atif

Atif Kubursi

Emeritus Professor of Economics
McMaster UniversityCanada

​Mr. Atif Kubursi is an Emeritus Professor of Economics at McMaster University, Canada. He served as the Acting Executive Secretary, and Undersecretary General, of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia. He also taught economics at Purdue University in Indiana, USA, was visiting Scholar at Cambridge University and authored 12 books including "The Economic Consequences of the Camp David Accords" (Institute of Palestine Studies) and "Oil, Industrialization & Development in Arab Gulf States" (Routledge), and"Food and Water Security in the Arab World" (World Bank),and over 250 papers in academic and professional journals and technical reports. He holds a Ph.D degree in Economics from Purdue University, USA.

Odeh Abeer

Abeer Odeh

Minister of National Economy

​H.E. Ms. Abeer Odeh is the Palestinian Minister of National Economy, she assumed her cabinet responsibilities in August 2015. In this capacity she also chairs the Palestinian Investment Promotion Agency (PIPA), Palestine Industrial estates and Free Zones Authority (PIEFZA), and Palestine Standards Institute (PSI). She has held number of senior management positions, private and donor agencies, as Chief Executive Officer for the Palestine Capital Markets Authority (PCMA), Chief Financial Analyst, Chief Controller, project director, and Chief Auditor.

Ms. Odeh has a broad range of experience in all aspects of financial and managerial control with over 20 years of experience in management, economics and finance, auditing, assessment of internal controls, project management, financial valuation and analyses, functional analysis, business process re-engineering, and software selection and evaluation.
Ms. Odeh holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, Chicago and a BA in Accounting from Birzeit University, Palestine, and a Certified Public Accountant, CPA, American Institute of CPA’s.

Sundaram Jomo

Jomo Sundaram


​Mr. Jomo Kwame Sundaram was Assistant Director General and Coordinator for Economic and Social Development, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, during 2012-15. He was Assistant Secretary General for Economic Development in the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs during 2005-12, and Research Coordinator for the G24 Intergovernmental Group on International Monetary Affairs and Development during 2006-12. 
Jomo was Professor at the University of Malaya until 2004 and Founder Chair of International Development Economics Associates. He has authored and edited over a hundred books and translated 12 volumes besides writing many academic papers and media articles. He has received several honours and awards for his work including the 2007 Wassily Leontief Prize for Advancing the Frontiers of Economic Thought.