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A World without Least Developed Countries: Towards a Better Framework to Assist Structural Transformation for LDC Graduation
Tuesday, 19 July
11:30-13:00, KICC TSAVO 3 room



Abbas Mehdi

Mehdi Abbas

Maître de Conférence
Université de GrenobleFrance

​Prof. Mehdi ABBAS est maitre de conférences en économie à l’Université de Grenoble (France) et chercheur au sein du laboratoire Energie, développement durable, environnement (EDDEN-Cnrs). Titulaire d’un doctorat en Economie Internationale, ses enseignements et recherches portent sur l’Economie politique internationale, les relations économiques internationales et l’Economie politique du développement. Il est spécialisé sur les questions de l’OMC et de la régulation commerciale multilatérale. Il développe également une expertise sur les négociations climatiques internationales et sur les stratégies de développement des pays arabes riches en ressources naturelles.

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Adhikari Ratnakar

Ratnakar Adhikari

Executive Director
Enhanced Integrated Framework Executive Secretariat

​Mr. Ratnakar Adhikari is the Executive Director of the Enhanced Integrated Framework Executive Secretariat. Prior to this assignment, he was the Chief Executive Director of South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment (SAWTEE), a Kathmandu-based regional think tank. Previously he served, among others, as a Senior Adviser to the National Planning Commission, Government of Nepal, and Trade Programme Specialist for the UNDP, Asia Pacific Regional Centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Mr. Adhikari has conducted extensive research in the areas of international trade particularly from the perspective of LDCs.

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Joy Roy Mickey

Roy Mickey  Joy

Ambassador of Vanuatu to the European Union, the Kingdom of Belgium, French Republic & High Commissioner to the United Kingdom

​Ambassador Joy is the first and current Vanuatu resident Ambassador to the European Union, the Kingdom of Belgium and selected EU member states, following his appointment in 2007 by the Government of Vanuatu through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since taking up his post, Ambassador Joy has been appointed as the First Non-Geneva based Chairman of the AITIC (Agency for International Trade info and Co-operation) Council of Representative, appointed as Chairman of the Global Climate Change Alliance Group in Brussels, led the UNDP/WTO/UNCTAD/ITC and EIF meeting in Port-Vila on Vanuatu's participation in the Enhanced Integrated Framework Project for LDCs. He led the Pacific ACP High Level delegation to the International Conference on the EU Kava Ban held in Port-Vila in 2012.  He Represented the Government of Vanuatu as Head of delegation to the UNCTAD 13 Conference in Doha.