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Rendre le commerce (plus) utile pour l'Afrique et les PMA : Comment veiller à ce que le commerce soit inclusif et pro-pauvres
jeudi, 21 juillet
16:30-18:00, KICC TSAVO 1 room



Aperçu: Rendre le commerce (plus) utile pour l’Afrique et les PMA : Comment veiller à ce que le commerce soit inclusif et pro-pauvresçu: Rendre le commerce (plus) utile pour l’Afrique et les PMA : Comment veiller à ce que le commerce soit inclusif et pro-pauvres2016-07-18T00:00:00.0000000ZGP0|#d6678fa0-ceda-4103-be9a-fc18c51e7c20;L0|#0d6678fa0-ceda-4103-be9a-fc18c51e7c20|Event Document;GTSet|#60bbd025-61a4-47d0-918b-4c2a51f9bd7aGP0|#27116d42-81f1-4f77-8ba8-06ae2639a64a;L0|#027116d42-81f1-4f77-8ba8-06ae2639a64a|Français;GTSet|#97fc69a2-c2a5-49bc-89dc-ef067f469a79
Making trade work better for Africa and the least developed countries – how to ensure that trade is inclusive and pro-poor [Summary prepared by the UNCTAD secretariat] trade work better for Africa and the least developed countries – how to ensure that trade is inclusive and pro-poor [Summary prepared by the UNCTAD secretariat]2016-09-15T00:00:00.0000000ZTD/INF.65GP0|#8ddcf001-6559-4806-aed7-ecbe7eb26d9b;L0|#08ddcf001-6559-4806-aed7-ecbe7eb26d9b|Conference Document;GTSet|#60bbd025-61a4-47d0-918b-4c2a51f9bd7aGP0|#493b14a8-b938-4ca5-9e40-302650b335af;L0|#0493b14a8-b938-4ca5-9e40-302650b335af|English;GTSet|#97fc69a2-c2a5-49bc-89dc-ef067f469a79
Overview: Make Trade Work (Better) for Africa and LDCs: How to ensure that trade is inclusive and pro-poor? Make Trade Work (Better) for Africa and LDCs: How to ensure that trade is inclusive and pro-poor?2016-07-18T00:00:00.0000000ZGP0|#d6678fa0-ceda-4103-be9a-fc18c51e7c20;L0|#0d6678fa0-ceda-4103-be9a-fc18c51e7c20|Event Document;GTSet|#60bbd025-61a4-47d0-918b-4c2a51f9bd7aGP0|#493b14a8-b938-4ca5-9e40-302650b335af;L0|#0493b14a8-b938-4ca5-9e40-302650b335af|English;GTSet|#97fc69a2-c2a5-49bc-89dc-ef067f469a79

Adhikari Ratnakar

Ratnakar Adhikari

Executive Director
Enhanced Integrated Framework Executive Secretariat

​Mr. Ratnakar Adhikari is the Executive Director of the Enhanced Integrated Framework Executive Secretariat. Prior to this assignment, he was the Chief Executive Director of South Asia Watch on Trade, Economics and Environment (SAWTEE), a Kathmandu-based regional think tank. Previously he served, among others, as a Senior Adviser to the National Planning Commission, Government of Nepal, and Trade Programme Specialist for the UNDP, Asia Pacific Regional Centre in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Mr. Adhikari has conducted extensive research in the areas of international trade particularly from the perspective of LDCs.

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Boussichas Matthieu

Matthieu Boussichas

Programme Manager
Foundation for International Development Study and Research (Ferdi)

​Mr. Matthieu Boussichas, PhD in Economics, is Programme Manager at the Foundation for International Development Study and Research (Ferdi) since 2012. He is working on issues related to aid and development financing, as well as the development agenda and its objectives after 2015. He is also a specialist in international migration. Previously he was Project Manager at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of France, at the Directorate General of Global Affairs, Development and Partnerships.

Chuma Aeneas Chapinga

Aeneas Chapinga Chuma

Assistant Director General and Regional Director for Africa

​Mr. Aeneas Chapinga Chuma has been ILO Assistant Director General and Regional Director for Africa, since 2014. Prior to that he had served as Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary General with the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) and United Nations Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Liberia and he also was high representative of the UN and UNDP in Kenya, Zambia, Mozambique, Uganda and Oman. Prior to his career as an international civil servant, he worked as a macroeconomist with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, his native country.

Graham Yao

Yao Graham

Third World Network-Africa

​Mr. Yao Graham is the Coordinator of the Third World Network-Africa. From 1994-2000 he was the founding Editor for the Public Agenda newspaper in Accra, Ghana, which was a pioneering weekly newspaper set up as part of building a non-profit policy advocacy. It was widely regarded as the best newspaper in Ghana and won many awards for the quality of its stories. From 1989-1993 he was Senior Editorial Consultant of the West Africa magazine.

Maharaj Deodat

Deodat Maharaj

Deputy Secretary-General for Economic and Social Division

​Deodat Maharaj advises and reports to the Secretary-General on economic affairs, trade and debt, social development, and public sector governance. He also oversees the management of the Commonwealth Fund for Technical Co-operation. Mr. Maharaj was formerly Chief, Division for Afghanistan, Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific at the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in New York. During his career he has served as Chief of Staff in the UNDP's Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific and Head of the Secretariat on the Ministerial Council for Social Development with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago.

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Mwape Darlington

Darlington Mwape

Senior Fellow

​Mr. Darlington Mwape is a Senior Fellow at ICTSD. He served as Legal Advisor to the President of Zambia before being appointed as that country's Permanent Representative to the United Nations and other international organisations including the WTO in Geneva. As Permanent representative to the WTO, he held various positions including as Co-ordinator of the LDC group, Chairman of the TRIPS special session and Chairman on the Committee on Balance of Payments Restrictions. He also served as Chairman of the Joint Advisory Group of the International Trade Centre (ITC), Member of the Board of the Advisory Centre on WTO law (ACWL).

Nzena Sekai

Sekai Nzena

Chairperson and Managing Director
Amatheon Agri Zimbabwe Ltd

​Dr. Sekai Nzena is the Chairperson and Managing Director of Amatheon Agri Zimbabwe Ltd at Amatheon Agri Holding N.V. Dr. Nzenza has more than 20 years of international development expertise. She gained strategic and operational knowledge while working with Booz Allen Hamilton consultants at World Vision International’s Global Centre in California. In Australia she acted as the Director for Policy and Communication for World Vision from where she oversaw programmes in Africa and Asia.

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Petit Frere Jessy

Jessy Petit Frere

Minister of Trade and Industry

​H.E. Ms. Jessy C. Petit Frère is the Minister of Trade and Industry of Haiti. She is also Minister (ad interim) of Haitians Living Abroad. Previously to her official positions, she was Project Manager at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO).

Sehoueto Lazare Maurice

Lazare Maurice Sehoueto

Minister of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts

H.E. Mr. Lazare Maurice Sèhouéto is the Minister of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts of Benin. He served as Minister of Commerce, Industry, Community Development, and the Promotion of Employment from May 2001 to June 2003, and as Minister of Agriculture, Husbandry, and Fishing from June 2003 to February 2005. He was one of five Force Clé candidates elected to the National Assembly in the March 2003 parliamentary election. He was the candidate of the Movement for the People's Alternative in the March 2006 presidential election.

Setipa Joshua

Joshua Setipa

Minister of Trade and Industry

H.E. Joshua Setipa was appointed Minister of Trade and Industry in the Kingdom of Lesotho in March 2015. As Trade and Industry Minister, he is in charge of providing overall policy direction on industrialization, as well as overseeing trade matters within multilateral and bilateral settings. He has broad experience gained at national, regional and international levels, working on economic and developmental issues such as capacity building and global economic policy.

Prior to his appointment, Joshua Setipa joined the Lesotho National Development Corporation (LNDC) in January 2012 and served as CEO of the LNDC until April 2014. The LNDC is the main parastatal of the Government of Lesotho charged with the implementation of the country's industrial development policies.  From 2005 to December 2011, he served as Senior Advisor to Pascal Lamy, Director General of the World Trade Organization.

Joshua Setipa obtained an MBA degree from the University of Bradford in the UK. after studying international trade policy at Australian National University, and political science at National University of Lesotho.

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