CSO Accreditation and Registration
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Accreditation and registration to UNCTAD 14 and its preparatory events

CSOs wishing to take part in the preparatory process (Hearings with civil society), the Civil Society Forum and the Conference round tables and debates must have observer status with UNCTAD or be accredited to UNCTAD 14. And each all representatives must be designated by the Head of their organization before their online registration to the Conference will be approved.

Download: List of CSOs with observer status

Download: List of civil society organizations that have been accredited to the fourteenth session of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development


Accreditation to UNCTAD 14

The deadline to apply for accreditation was 30 April 2016. The application process is now closed.


Designation of Representativesto the hearings, The Civil Society Forum and the Conference

The Head of organizations that have observer status with UNCTAD or are accredited to UNCTAD 14 are requested to designate their representatives who will attend the Conference and its preparatory meetings. The official letter (on official letterhead and signed by the Head of the organization) should be sent by mail, e-mail or fax to UNCTAD's Civil Society Outreach Unit. Please provide the job title and full contact information for each representative.


Registration online for the Conference

Designated representatives are required to register online for the Conference. A copy of the individual invitation issued by UNCTAD should be uploaded during the online registration process. Final confirmation of participation will be subject to approval by the UNCTAD secretariat. Once registration is confirmed, designated representatives may participate in the Preparatory Hearings, the Forum and the public meetings and debates at UNCTAD 14. They may also access non-restricted general documentation and use the facilities provided for CSOs at the Conference centre.

Please Note: Only representatives who have been designated by the Head of their organization and have registered online for UNCTAD 14 will be able to participate.

All participants are responsible for obtaining their entry visa for Kenya and for financing their travel and accommodation in Nairobi for the duration of their stay.

The number of representatives allowed per organization may be limited by the capacity of available meeting space.

Enquiries should be sent to: cso.unctad14@unctad.org